Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Want to be a better biker?

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Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Who is it for?

Motorcyclists and Scooter riders. The IAM use the same test for both bikes and scooters. It is a requirement of the IAM advanced test that your vehicle is able to maintain the national speed limit so this may exclude some scooters and smaller motorcycles.

Is it for you?

If you are interested in the idea of raising your skill level and becoming a safer advanced rider we can help you.

Advanced Motorcycling is about:

  • - being in the right position on the road, and
  • - travelling at the right speed, and
  • - in the right gear, and
  • - in having the right amount of information to allow you to plan what to do next - at all times.

Most riders are taught to pass a test, we can help to fill in those gaps in your knowledge and understanding of how to make progress on your bike without compromising safety.

Safety is key. But by safe we do not mean timid.

Safety is key, by safe we do not mean timid. When everything is done properly, you will be able to make timely, accurate decisions about your own and others' safety that allows you to relax and enjoy your riding, at any speed, with the reassuring confidence that you are in control.

Statics show that Advanced Riders are 70% less likely to have an accident and this is often reflected in the possibility of a 10% discount on your insurance premium. Add this together with less stress on you and your machine as well as your no-claims bonus and by joining the group you will be a member of a tremendously varied and diverse bunch of bikers sharing the same basic ideas as you.

Information Leaflet

Our promotional information leaflet is available for download as compressed PDF file. (Filesize:1.3MB) You will need software capable of reading files in the portable document format (PDF).

Taster Video

At only 3 minutes long, our taster video will give you a brief introduction to who we are, how we do things and what we get up to. Enjoy! (If you are having problems viewing this video, please contact our webmaster).

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Getting Started.


If you are interested, but feel you would like to find out more before joining, come and meet up with us on one of our Social Nights and chat about it without any pressure.

We meet on the Second Monday of every month from 7.30pm at the RAFA Club in Uxbridge.See where are we for more information.


If you want to find out how an Observed Ride works before enrolling in the IAM Skill for Life programme, why not contact us and request a free Assessment Ride.

- Our Pot Luck Sunday mornings are usually the 1st Sunday of the month; We meet at McDonald's on the Target roundabout. See where are we for more information but you need to book in advance..

- Alternatively we can arrange a time to suit you. Mostly times this will be on a one-to-one basis with one of our Observers. They will take you out on a varied route to assess your ride and gauge what it will take to prepare you for the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test. They will also give you a demonstration ride at the Test standard.


If you are ready to go ahead, next find out what are the costs to enrol in the IAM Skill for Life programme.

- When you enrol in the IAM Skill for Life programme, part of the cost pays your subscription to join a local group (eg MAM). You should choose MAM at this stage and you will need to contact us so we can send you a MAM Membership Application form.

- After completing the formalities, you will be an Associate of both Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists and the IAM.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

What are the costs?

When you first join, you do so by enrolling in the IAM Skill for Life motorcycle programme. You can do either online at the IAM web site, by post or telephone directly with the IAM, or in person at one of our Social Nights. Choose whichever method you find most convenient.

By enrolling in the IAM Skill for Life programme, you will:

  • - Receive a copy of the IAM book How To Be A Better Rider
  • - Receive Advanced Driving, the IAM's four-monthly magazine for members
  • - Be entered into the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test
  • - Become an Associate of the IAM for one year, upgrading to Full Member on passing the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test within 12 months
  • - Become an Associate of MAM for one year, upgrading to Full Member on passing the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test within 12 months

IAM Skill for Life motorcycle programme: £139

Your only other cost will be when you go out on Observed Rides. Our Observers use their own bikes and as volunteers, pay their own expenses, we therefore ask that you make a contribution to your Observer toward running costs for each Observed Ride at £15 per ride which lasts for about 4 - 5 hours.

Expense contribution to Observer (Ad-Hoc or Pot Luck Observed Rides): £15 each

Your first year as an Associate of MAM is included with the IAM Skill for Life programme. If you have not passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test by the end of the first year, you will be invited to renew as an Associate of MAM for the following year by payment of the Associate annual subscription.

MAM annual subscription (Associate): £31

If you pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test within the first year, you will become a member of MAM for the remainder of the year. At the end of the year you will be invited to renew your membership by payment of the member annual subscription.

MAM annual subscription (Member): £20

Note that as a condition of continuing as a member of MAM, you must also maintain your membership of the IAM by payment of the IAM annual subscription.

IAM annual subscription (Member): £30

You are expected to pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test within 12 months of joining and this will require additional effort on your part to work on the observations made on your riding.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Observed Rides.

Practical training is carried out using Observed Rides. These are where you, the Associate, ride out with one of our experienced Observers, usually on a one-to-one basis. You use your own bike and will be riding between 80 to 110 miles.

This is how the training works. Your Observer will give you guidance on the aspects of your riding that would benefit from change. If and when you agree that their assessment is accurate, you make the change yourself. As the ride progresses, and on future rides, your Observer will continue to monitor your ride and suggest further refinements. It is always your decision to make any changes.

When you set out, you will lead with your Observer close behind watching how you ride. They will stop you every so often to discuss what they have seen. As part of this they will offer suggestions on aspects of your riding that could be improved. As the ride progresses you will have the opportunity to start to introduce, practice and consolidate these improvements.

At some point during the ride, your Observer will give you a break from doing all the hard work by giving you a demonstration ride. Your Observer will take the lead and show you the riding standard they are asking you to adopt.

Although much of this can sound rather unexciting, experience shows that once you try it you will get a real buzz and enjoy the challenge it involves. We aim to make sure you enjoy yourself so you get the maximum benefit and come back for more.

At the end of each Observed Ride, you will be given a comprehensive written report. This typically includes a breakdown of how the ride went, your progress to date and a list of aspects of your riding that would benefit from practice on your own. Finally, you will be given an indication of how much work you need to do to get up to the standard required to pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test. You will also get praise where it's due!

Where we meet

Generally we meet up at the car park at the rear of McDonalds restaurant on the A40 going west and on the Target Roundabout.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Structured Training.

When you join you become an Associate of MAM and will be entitled to enrol in one of the several courses that we run each year.

Every course comprises of two theory sessions on consecutive Tuesday evenings, followed by four Observed Rides on consecutive Saturday mornings. The Theory sessions involve a full presentation and discussion on the approach to, and techniques involved in Advanced Motorcycling. The Observed Rides are intended to allow you to put what you have learnt in the theory sessions into practice on the road. The last Observed Ride is arranged as a simulated Advanced Motorcycling Test.

We will provide you with a complete set of documentation to support the course. This includes a full set of course notes and copies of The Highway Code and the Police motorcycle training manual Motorcycle Roadcraft. We will also make sure that you have received a copy of the IAM book How to be a Better Rider.

As an Associate of MAM, the cost of the two theory sessions is included in the IAM Skill for Life programme fee. However, when you enrol in the course, we ask you to purchase a set of Expense Contribution Vouchers. See what are the costs for details. When you attend each of the four course Observed Rides, you need to hand a voucher to your Observer. They will use this voucher to claim a contribution toward their expenses incurred in providing the Observed Ride.

We recognise that every Associate is unique, bringing different levels of experience and ability, and with different amounts of free time. We often find that we need to adapt or extend the course to suit an Associate's requirements. We see the challenge of helping you to get to "Test Ready" standard as being much more important than just getting you to attend a course. If you need some extra time or have restrictions on when you can attend Observed Rides, we will do our best to create a plan that will take your requirements into account. The last thing we want is for you to feel that you are being pushed into taking the Test before you are ready.

The component parts of a course are not very different from the other methods we offer to help you improve your riding. However, we normally find that the simple act of being in a group of other Associates, all focused on the same goal of passing the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test, will make a huge difference to the quality and rate of your progress.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Group Activities.

After you join we will contact you with the dates of the next course. If a course is not immediately available, we have a number of other options available that will get you started.

Ad-Hoc Observed Rides

We can assign you an Observer who will be your mentor until you have passed the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test and will take you out on Ad-Hoc Observed Rides.

Pot Luck Observed Rides

Once a month on a Sunday morning, we get together as many Associates and Observers as we can for individual Observed Rides. It's a chance to get a second opinion of your riding from a different Observer. It is "Pot Luck" which Observer you get, hence the name of the activity. If you want to participate, we ask that you give the Pot Luck Coordinator a few days notice. This will help us to ensure every Associate goes out on a one-to-one basis.

Slow Riding Course

It can be difficult to practice and improve your slow riding skills during a normal Observed ride, so we organise Slow Riding Courses for you to hone your low speed manoeuvring, braking and machine handling skills in a safe, controlled environment.

French Training Tour

We organise a long weekend in France where there is much less traffic and a chance to practice mile after of mile of bends and overtakes with our observers giving you feedback in the relaxed atmosphere of a tour. A very useful stepping stone to those who would like to tour abroad but have yet to take the plunge.

Social Nights at the RAFA Club

MAM hold a Social Night on the second Monday of every month at the RAFA Club in Uxbridge. See where we are for details of the location. The meeting starts around 7.30pm and not only do they give us a chance to chat and socialise, they are useful to find out what else is going on. Often there are invited guest speakers, or representatives from the motorcycle trade promoting their products or services.

Social Rides

We organise a Social Ride on the last Sunday of every month. These are normally to a place of interest or maybe just a good lunch venue, but always on carefully selected roads. All members can attend. Riders are put into groups of about four taking care to ensure that riders of similar ability are together so that the pace suits everyone. Social Rides can be great opportunities to practice in an informal setting, or if you wish, and by prior arrangement, you can ask an Observer already going on the ride to give you feedback on your riding at the same time.

Other social activities

Members organise activities such as factory visits, track days, weekends away or overseas trips. We have an annual tour to Wales, an “Up North” tour and a French tour as well as other specials. Some activities may happen only once a year, but many will be more frequent. Some are so popular that the numbers attending have to be restricted. Most are open to all members on a first come first served basis, so it pays to keep in touch and find out what is planned as early as possible.

Keeping in touch

MAM has it's own private internet forum for members and associates called eMammoth 2.0. EM2 is a private area for registered members to share information and opinion. There are many sections which cover subjects ranging from bike & gear reviews to advanced riding techniques. In addition, the MAM Electronic Newsletter is distributed by e-mail every month.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Where are we?

Most of our members are from the area, which is roughly contained within the districts of: Harrow - Uxbridge - Staines - Hounslow - Ealing

We have members from further afield, some even living abroad. There is no physical barrier to where our members live, but it would be convenient to be within 45 minutes travel of our usual venues.

Current meeting points are identifiedon the map below by map pins:

(A) RAFA Club, Uxbridge

All Social Nights and Theory sessions happen at the RAFA Club in Uxbridge.

(B) McDonalds Car Park

Most rides, including course and Pot Luck Observed Rides meet at and leave from the car park behind McDonald's at the Target Roundabout. Some informal rides, such as Ad-Hoc Observed Rides also start here, at the discretion of the organiser. From the Target Roundabout at the junction of the A40 and A312, take the exit to the A40 west-bound, keeping McDonald's on your left. Turn left into the car park, without passing the petrol station. You will usually see others starting to assemble in the small overspill car park behind the petrol station.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.


Call 0844 500 6260 for MAM membership enquiries.

If you wish to join now, you can do so via the IAM web site. Click on the button below to open the IAM web site in a new window, then follow the instructions. Alternatively, phone the IAM on 020 8996 9600.

Soon after you have sent your application and payment, the IAM will return a welcome pack to you. Your IAM Skill for Life enrolment form will be included, which you should complete and sign. The seven character reference number at the bottom right of the form is your IAM Associate number.

Then please contact us to obtain a MAM Membership Application form. Complete and sign the form, then send it to MAM together with the white and green copies of your completed IAM Skill for Life enrolment form. MAM will return a welcome pack to you, normally within one week of receipt of your valid membership application.

Want to join through MAM, not IAM?

Please contact us if you would prefer to enrol in the IAM Skill for Life programme and join MAM at a MAM social night.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.


  • 1. What are the restrictions on type of bike that I can ride on the Test

    There is no difference between bikes or scooters when taking the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test, as it is the same test for both. The only requirement in either case is that the vehicle used for the test must be capable of sustaining the National Speed Limit.

  • 2. Do MAM also do advanced training for cars

    No, MAM only offer motorcycle and scooter training. Please visit the IAM web site to find Groups offering help with car training.

  • 3. I ride a scooter, isn't there a Group that specialises in scooters

    Not that we know of, as there is not the demand. We will still try to help. Many of the skills are the same and the dangers of getting it wrong certainly are. We have a number of scooter riding members already, so although you will be in a bit of a minority, you will not be on your own.

  • 4. How do I know when I am Test Ready

    At the end of each Observed Ride your Observer will give you a full review of your ride. This will include advice on your Test Ready status.

  • 5. What happens if I fail the Test

    We will work with you on those areas that let you down. There is no fixed delay before you are able to apply for a further test. However, you will have to pay a further fee when you apply to retake the Test.

  • 6. I have a number of points on my licence, does this mean I cannot join

    No, although it does depend on how many you have. We would be keen to help you sort out why you keep getting points. Providing you can legally ride, we would encourage you to start preparing for the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test as soon as possible. You can take the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test when you have less than nine points on your licence and no other convictions pending.

  • 7. I have only just passed my DSA test, should I wait before joining

    No, although many riders will want to get some independent experience before starting to prepare for the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test. However, this is not always the best approach, as you are equally likely to start developing bad habits.

    You must have held your full motorcycle licence for three months when you take your IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test. This means that if you have only just passed your DSA test, you have at least three months to prepare for the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test.

  • 8. How much discount will I get on my insurance after I pass my Advanced Test

    It varies, some insurers give more than others, but most give 10%. Any spill is likely to cost a lot more that that, so the real value is in not having the spill!

  • 9. How many Observed Rides will I need to get Test Ready

    It depends on so many things. It might be that you need to unlearn some things, not just learn them. As a very rough indication, between four to six rides will get you to the required standard, providing you put in plenty of practice on your own between Observed Rides.

  • 10. If work means I have to stop training for six months, do I have to pay the Skill for Life fee again

    No, if your MAM subscription expires, you will be invited to renew for a further year on payment of the MAM Associate subscription. See what are the costs for details. All other elements of the IAM Skill for Life programme, including your test fee, remain pre-paid ready for you to use when appropriate.

  • 11. I am already an IAM member as I have passed the IAM Advanced Driving Test, do I have to pay the full IAM Skill for Life price

    No, as you have already paid your IAM Member subscription, you can deduct this from the price of the IAM Skill for Life programme.

  • 12. I have already enrolled in the IAM Skill for Life programme and joined another motorcycle Group. If I want to change to MAM do I have to pay the full price again

    No, providing you have your seven character IAM Associate number and you have not yet taken the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test, your only additional cost is the MAM Associate annual subscription. See what are the costs for details.

  • 13. On which day are the Pot Luck Observed Rides

    Social Nights are always on the second Monday of the month (except on the rare occasion when they clash with another calendar event). The Pot Luck Observed Rides are on the Sunday following every social Night.

  • 14. When are the Theory sessions and Observed Rides for the course

    The Theory sessions are at the RAFA Club in Uxbridge on two consecutive Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 10pm.

    The Observed Rides will be on four consecutive Saturday mornings immediately following the last Theory session.

  • 15. Can I just turn up at a social Night or other event to join

    Yes, but you are taking the chance that the person to process your membership application might not be there. You will still be welcome to stay and see what we can offer. We will put you in touch with the Membership Secretary so that you can complete your membership application later.

  • 16. If I join, how do I know I will get good instruction

    It is important to understand that we do not give instruction. We will work with you to observe your riding and offer you guidance to help you improve your riding standard. However, we only offer guidance, you do the rest as a process of self-training. You can judge the quality of our guidance by our pass rate and by the fact that we monitor the performance of our Observers by operating our own continuous assessment process.

  • 17. Once I have passed my test, what else is there I can do to improve my riding

    We offer a number of activities such as Slow Riding, Track Days etc, all of which will improve your level of skill. If you want, you may be able to train as an Observer and help others in the same way as you benefitted. There is also the IAM Special Assessment, which measures your riding against a theoretical perfect rider. Or you can just participate in Social Rides and other events, where you will get the opportunity to continue to improve in very good company.

  • 18. What does the Observer expense contribution cover

    It makes a contribution to your Observer's day to day running costs. Most Observers will do a minimum of 1,000 miles a year, many considerably more, just doing Observed Rides or maintaining their training standard. Their spend on petrol, servicing and tyres will all increase considerably as a result. We rely on Observers to give their time freely, so it is not reasonable that they pay these extra costs out of their own pockets.

  • 19. How many Associates go out at a time with an Observer

    Nearly always it will be one Observer to one Associate.

  • 20. What will I need on my first Observed Ride or Assessment Ride

    Of course you will need your bike and riding kit suitable for travelling at up to the national speed limit over a four to five hour period. You will also need to bring your Driving Licence, MOT (if applicable) and Insurance Certificate. Once these have been checked you should not be asked for them again until you take the Test. Remember to turn up with a full tank and be ready to leave at the arranged time.

  • 21. How long is the Test

    Normally about an hour and a half, travelling about 50 miles over a mixture of roads.

  • 22. Where does the Test take place

    You chose the general location, most Associates opt for the Middlesex area. But the Examiner chooses the actual roads, which will not necessarily be the ones you expected.

  • 23. I have heard of a book called Pass Your Advanced Motorcycling Test, what is it

    This is the out of print predecessor of the current book How To Be An Advanced Motorcyclist. There are some revisions inside, but otherwise they are essentially the same.

  • 24. What happens if I am not able to go on the Course Observed Rides on Saturday mornings

    We will need to find Observers who can be available when you are. We occasionally get Associates who are shift and weekend workers, but we also have some Observers who have time available for Observed Rides during the week.

  • 25. Do I have to get my training through one of the Courses

    No, although if possible we strongly recommend it. It is possible to substitute the Course Observed Rides with a combination of Ad-Hoc and Pot Luck Observed Rides, if your available free time makes this the only option.

  • 26. Do I get a refund if I do not take up the option of doing a Course

    No, we do not operate this way.

  • 27. I have done a "Bikesafe" day or weekend. Do I need advanced training as well

    Yes. Bikesafe teaches a huge amount and is highly recommended as an introduction to Advanced Motorcycling. But the Observed Ride section merely identifies what your current ride standard is and provides advice about things that would benefit from change. It identifies what needs doing, it does not get it done. We all benefit from additional training, anyone who says they do not is probably not even fooling themselves.

  • 28. What does MAM being a registered charity mean and how does this affect me

    Being a registered charity means that the money we receive, principally in subscriptions from Full members, with the member's consent can be treated as "Gift Aid". This means that we can reclaim the income tax from HM Revenue & Customs, so increasing what we can spend on the work we do. It also means that we are duty bound to spend our funds only on promoting the work we are registered as a charity to carry out, that is promoting road safety and assisting riders to pass the IAM Advanced Motorcycling Test.

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists.

Contact Us.


You can contact the MAM Membership Secretary
by phone on 0844 500 6260 or by email

The Membership Secretary will send you a MAM Membership Application form. She will also be able to give you full details of Group activities and advise you about meeting us on a social Night.

If you want to arrange a free Assessment Ride before enrolling in the IAM Skill for Life programme, please contact the MAM Pot Luck Coordinator by phone on 08445 006261, or by email.

If you have already enrolled in the IAM Skill for Life programme, either via the IAM web site or at another event, and want to get things moving, please contact the MAM Membership Secretary via the details above.

If you have any comments on our web site content or if you want to leave feedback in general, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the webmaster by email.